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Victor Sidone

What an incredible transformation! just goes to show what the correct nutrition can allow the body to do!

A healthy diet will fight winter blues

Dreaded winter is on its way. As the days get shorter and darker, most people find themselves craving carbohydrate-rich foods. Come summer, they have to deal with the extra kilos they have put on during winter.
According to Dr Zintle Mbuqe, a general practitioner, people crave carbohydrates in winter because at this time of the year the brain chemical serotonin that regulate mood and appetite falls to its lowest levels.

"Another way to boost brain serotonin is by eating sugary or starchy foods, which causes insulin to be secreted. This, in turn, pushes tryptophan from the bloodstream into the brain.

"Unfortunately, the secretion of insulin drives down our blood sugar, making us hungry for more sugary and starchy foods."

Luigi Gratton, Herbalife's vice president of nutrition education, says this is the time to have a healthy balanced diet because an unhealthy diet does not only result in obesity but also in sickness.

"So if you are sitting back without the extra pounds and under the impression that you are healthier than your chubby checker neighbour, some rethinking needs to be done. Bad eating habits, little to no exercise and stressful lifestyles leave you susceptible to many silent killers.

"You would still be considered a high-risk candidate for heart conditions, diabetes and other diseases, as these are not exclusive to overweight people."

Gratton says it is not just about being overweight, but also about the lack of proper nutrition and unhealthy lifestyles that lead to endangering your own life.

"The escalating cost of food has done little to alleviate the lack of nutritional meals being consumed by the general population. Other factors such as time-demanding jobs also contribute to our unhealthy nation."

Gratton says given South Africa's political and economic history, finding similarities and issues that plague both high-income and low-income margins is difficult. However, proper nutrition is one of the few similarities that both margins struggle with on a daily basis.

"Whether it is consuming the correct amount of nutrition or being aware of how much the average human body needs to function, alternatives to address the state of nutrition need to be explored and used to create healthier and sustainable lifestyles in South Africa."

In achieving a healthier lifestyle, a balanced breakfast is important.

She advises against white, sugary cereal or pastries that offer short bursts of energy, but don't contain protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals in adequate quantities.

She says these foods leave you feeling tired and lethargic after a short while.

"You need a good source of complex carbohydrates and sufficient protein, vitamins and minerals to get your day off to the best start.

"Look at breakfast as part of a busy schedule. The busier you are, the more you should consider a balanced breakfast as part of your routine. Before you skip the sunrise munchies, here's some food for thought about what you're missing."

She adds that one of the most dangerous things people do is to skip breakfast to lose weight.

"If you think skipping breakfast helps to lose weight, think again. It's known that breakfast kick-starts your metabolism, not only giving you energy, but it also means you start burning more calories and keep burning them throughout the day.

"Studies have proven that people who start the day with a healthy breakfast are more likely to reach their ideal weight, and stay there.

"So choose a healthy breakfast to give you the perfect start to the day," she says.

Source: Sowetan

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Herbalife NouriFusion™ MultiVitamin Skin Care
Made with vitamins A, C, and E and skin-enhancing herbal ingredients, the Herbalife NouriFusion™ line combines the best of science and nature to help give you beautiful, healthy-looking skin.

Herbalife NouriFusion™ is ACE for your Face!

A• helps regulate skin growth
• improves skin moisture content
• helps promote your skin’s own renewal
• can help reverse the signs of premature aging
C• helps your skin produce collagen
• promotes firm skin tone
• supports your skin’s immune system
• is a powerful antioxidant
E• protects skin moisture
• smoothes skin surface
• helps reduce skin inflammation
• is a powerful antioxidant


An uplifting drink for vitality and weight management.
Key Benefits
  • Includes the health benefits of green tea and select herbs.
  • Enjoy hot or cold.
Want to kick start your day with a herbal twist? Why not swap your cup of coffee for a low calorie alternative with just one third the amount of caffeine. Available in original, lemon, raspberry and peach flavours, this exhilarating drink is a treat at any time of day.
Product Usage
Take half a teaspoon in hot/cold water, three to five times daily. Add lemon or other flavoured concentrate if desired. Speeds up the metabolism – good for people reaching the plateau stage. Gives an energy surge lasting up to five hours, converts fat into energy. Controls appetite and cravings.

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Carolina Kostner

The daughter of a figure skating mother and a hockey-playing father, Carolina Kostner was born to grace the ice. She first laced up her skates at age four, and since then the Italian ice queen has been exhilarating crowds around the world with elegant ice dancing complemented by dazzling aerial feats. As of December 2010, Carolina was ranked No. 3 in the world by the International Skating Union. At just 23 years old, she’s already amassed an awesome collection of competition medals – and there’ll likely be plenty more in her future.


¨      '12 – Gold Medal Europea Championship
¨      '11 – Gold Medal, ISU Grand Prix of Figure Skating final Quebec City, Canada
¨      '11 – Bronze Medal World Championship in Moscow
¨      '11 – 2nd place, European Championships Berna, Switzerland
¨      '11 – 2nd place Final ISU Grand Prix Pechino, China
¨      '10 – 1st place, European Championships Talinn, Estonia
¨      '10 – Olympic Qualifier Vancouver-Whistler Olympics
¨      '09 – 2nd place, European Championships Helinski, Poland
¨      '08 – 2nd place, World Championshps Gothamburg, Sweden
¨      '08 – 1st place, European Championshps Zagreb, Croatia

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Neil Anderson PT

Neil Wins NABBA Championship as Best Newcomer 2011- Fuelled by Herbalife

Neil Anderson - Body Builder
Herbalife 24 Mega Weekend UK featuring Neil Anderson Winner of NI NABBA First Timers.
At the Herbalife 24 Mega Sporting Event held at Winsdsor UK last weekend, Neil Anderson winner of the NI NABBA First Timers gave his personal testimonial on how he uses Herbalife products in training and in competition to lose FAT and GAIN MUSCLE.  For the NI NABBA First Timers, he got down to below 3% body fat !
Neil says” In Northern Ireland Champs body fat 2.6%, body weight 14 stone 12lbs.  At the British Champs four weeks later – body fat just over 2%, body weight 15 stone 2lbs.”
The Herbalife products Neil uses, is now a mixture of the older products, plus the new Herbalife 24 Sports Nutrition range – Click HERE for the Full Testimonial

Neil Wins NABBA Championship as Best Newcomer 2011- Fuelled by Herbalife

"As a personal trainer for over 15 years I have used many supplements in my years. I have always tried to rely mainly on a healthy diet and was finding I had protein supplements that I would simply not finish. The reason being I was reluctant to substitute good nutrition with empty calories. ‘Empty’ calories in-so-far as lacking micro nutrient support for the macro nutrient content.
Neil Adnerson Body Building with Herbalife Nutrition
I have been perfecting my craft as much as I can in recent times to get into competitive condition and maintain that year around. Herbalife has dramatically helped me in my quest as I initially under went a digestive cleanse in order to optimise nutrient absorption, taking Fibre Bond and Herbs and Fibre over the course of the first three weeks. I then took just the Herbs and Fibre in order to maintain non water soluble fibre levels in the diet that are particularly difficult to get into the diet and have continued this since and take Fibre Bond if eating out.
Between meals and after training I take Formula 1 shakes, the carb rich protein mix is perfect for my needs as a post training meal to hike carbohydrate sensitivity in the muscles for a couple of hours, importantly replacing lost glycogen allow muscle developments. I take a smaller amount of Formula 1 prior to training with a good scoop of whey and soy Protein mix, in order to maintain muscle mass as muscles deplete during my subsequent training session. The mix of soy and whey raises the biological values of proteins. Between meals I mix the Formula 1 similarly.
I take the Cell Activator Vitamin B supplement at the minute which has dramatically improved my mood and, seemingly, my protein synthesis as I gained considerable lean muscle mass having started my own training again two weeks ago.
I have always enjoyed healthy eating as my mother is a food scientist and I have been researching the subject for the last 5 years. The supplements in the Herbalife range are ones that I put my trust in and know with the micro nutrient content support my own healthy diet allowing me to train intensely and achieve sustained results.
Feeling healthier in and out is my quest and I can achieve this a whole lot easier now than I have ever in my career."