About me

After returning in 2007 from London, I was not in shape and had to make due with a ¼ of what I used to earn.
Herbalife found me, but I was more interested in the business than the results that I can get. In the 1st month I lost 4kg’s and 2 cm’s and made just over R500.
By 2011 I was making R2000 a month extremely part time. Went full time for a few months, but sitting on my butt and doing nothing did not make money and had to take a job offer to pay the bills.
In Feb 2012, I was so stressed out from work that my father gave me anti-depressants and sleeping pills to help me relax and get some sleep. This was a wakeup call and after some effort in my Herbalife Business, doubled my Income to R4000.
After this I resigned my Job and went back to Herbalife Full time. All my stress evaporated and I feel great.

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Lynda Bacon said...

Well done ! Wish you much more success with Herbalife