Tuesday, June 25, 2013


NOW YOU HAVE NO MORE EXCUSES TO WORK THAT BUTTS OFF''JUST DO 10 MINUTE OF IT EVERY MORNING BEFORE GOING TO WORK AND SEE IT FOR YOURSELF THE TRANSFORMATION ITS WORTH IT AND PAYS OFF YOUR HARD WORKS YOU HAVE PUT INTO IT!!!!! You don't need a gym—or weights or a personal trainer—to get a great workout, burn fat, and build muscle. Well, as nice as it sounds, it just isn't an option for most people. And since exercise is so important, you need to find exercises that are effective and don’t require any equipment at all. To make these exercises even more fun, you can blast music while you’re doing them. Some you can even do while watching TV. Now you have no more excuses! Here are 10 great exercises that you can do at home, without the need for any equipment:

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Herbalife Results

I just have to say, that Lizelle Smiley Carstens YOU INSPIRE ME!!! Amazing Results!!!!

Friday, June 14, 2013

Taylor Gellman's Herbalife Testimonial

   Jan 2011                      May 2011   

This is my before and after photographs! Before I started on Herbalife, I wasn't exactly sure what eating right meant! I was always told eat little meat, eat lots of vegetables and drink lots of water. The only thing I was sure about was chicken and vegetables were healthy!

I was 16 years old and a junior in high school when I first heard about Herbalife. I was working at Wendy's for about a year at that point and had gained without noticing almost 15 pounds! Weighing in at 156 pounds, I STILL didnt think that I could lose weight. My excuse was that I only had a little bit of stomach fat and very large thigh muscles. Was I wrong! I was wearing a size 13 pants, which began to get a little snug, a large shirt which were tight and you wouldnt have caught me DEAD in a pair of shorts!

A few of my friends in my math class began coming back from lunch with so much energy and excited about the healthy shakes they just had. I was completely unaware of what they were talking about. So, I tried the club set, aloe,tea&shake, and was very impressed by the flavors and the energy it gave me! So, I occasionally mosied into the club and got my shakes because I was completely unaware of what Herbalife could do for me!

I took a trip to Utah and picked out a wedding dress after trying on several beautiful ones that didnt fit me. I chose a dress in October and came home to discover that several of my friends had gotten on Nutrition Programs. In awe, I took a look myself and during January of my senior year, I started the Herbalife products.

Drink the aloe, tea, and shake twice a day, I lost 25 pounds over the next 14 weeks and continued to lose more inches after that!

Down to a size 4 pants and xsmall/small t-shirts and the confidence to wear shorts, I also gained so much more. It turned out that I was not digesting my food well which led the bloating in my stomach, but with the aloe concentrate those problems completely went away! My digestion was working the way it should have before. My energy was OFF the wall, all day, and I enjoyed having my shakes every morning and afternoon! My wedding dress that I had picked out did not fit me on my wedding day, I had to have a seemstress take the dress in a few inches, when it had been very tight on my before!

I couldnt have asked for a more perfect program for me! I wont go another day in my life without my Formula 1 shakes :) Thank you Herbalife!!!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

FORMULA 1 BAR - Healthy Meal Bar

Formula 1 Shakes is the preferred healthy meal solution for millions of people every day helping them achieve weight management results they feel proud of.

When you’re out and about, you’ll never have to worry about missing a healthy meal…again! NEW Formula 1 Healthy Meal Bar is the convenient Healthy Meal on the go.

• Balanced essential nutrients for a complete healthy meal replacement

• High fibre and protein for sustained energy and to keep you fuller for longer

• Only 206/207 calories per bar (per flavour)

• Low Gi

• Suitable for vegetarians

• Available in a chocolate flavour

• Crunchy and chewy

#2669 Chocolate Chip

#2670 Red Berry and Yoghurt  Order from a me

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Herbalife 24 Stunning Products

Herbalife Healthy Heart

Get to the heart of the matter

It is vital to maintain a healthy heart. The Herbalife Healthy Heart programme looks at what you can do each day to promote heart health. The programme recommends using Core Nutrition and supportive products such as Niteworks™ powder and Herbalifeline capsules as well as:

  • Reducing your intake of fatty foods
  • Increasing your fibre intake by eating plenty of fruit and vegetables
  • Drinking sufficient fluid each day
  • Being physically active each day
  • Consuming 'good fats' such as fish oils
  • Limiting your salt intake
  • Not smoking
  • Spending some time to relax and decrease stress levels
Put the power of heart health in your hands: Prepare for tomorrow today!


Unless you go out of your way to eat the right fat-rich foods, you're likely not to be getting enough of the essential fats that are vital for optimum health. Herbalifeline is rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which are the good components of fat that support the natural function of the heart and circulation. They are usually found in oily fish such as mackerel, herring and salmon. So take Herbalifeline to benefit from the fruits of the sea!


Nitric Oxide is naturally at its lowest level during the night.
Take Niteworks™ before you go to bed. Just add Niteworks™ lemon-flavoured powdered mix to cold water, sparkling water or juice, for an instant drink.

  • High in L-arginine - known to promote good heart circulation
  • High in vitamins C and E - antioxidants known to help protect the cells against free radical damage

Popeyes Herbs