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What did you have for Breakfast?

    In today's busy lifestyle reaching for convenient food on the go is an easy and attractive option. But many such foods tend to be high in fat, salt and calories and often lack essential nutrients denying the body important vitamins and minerals. Think about all the time and effort you have to spend making yourself a decent breakfast. Herbalife, as usual, makes your life easier.

Are you feeling great and full of energy?

    Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it gives your body the fuel that gets you going so you can hit the road. Breakfast not only starts your day off right, but also lays the foundation for lifelong health benefits. It gives you the energy to make it through the day and keeps our metabolism high as well.

Ideal Breakfast

    Herbalife now offers the ideal breakfast! This great breakfast is only around 200 kcals and easy to digest in the morning. Although the food seems relatively light, it leaves you with a satisfied feeling of fullness longer.

Friday, May 20, 2011

A Message from CEO Michael O. Johnson

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Herbalife® - Announcement - U.S.A. Edition

May 9, 2011

Dear President’s Team members,

Congratulations! We had a tremendous quarter – another record breaker, and capped off by the largest volume month ever in our 31-year history. Let me summarize a few key highlights for our first quarter 2011:

• Record volume points of 902.2 million – up almost 22 percent over 2010. All six of our regions had a double digit year over year increase in volume points.
• Record net sales of $795 million, a 29 percent increase
• Record earnings per share
• Our average active sales leaders grew 21 percent, which shows that the number of active supervisors and above has continued to grow for each of the last seven quarters.

Our full first quarter earnings release and our archived earnings call are on the investor relations section of Herbalife.com.

As I said the morning on our earnings call, the reason for our success this quarter, and every quarter, is very clear – it’s our products and our Distributors. The company invested more than $70 million of capital and additional operating expenditures in the first quarter as part of this year’s plan to invest approximately $250 million to further the growth of the business, and our Distributors are confident in the company, highly engaged, and creating tremendous momentum.

They are building sustainable businesses with long-term customers using the product every day. They’re holding more meetings than ever before, bringing more new people into the business and retaining them at a higher rate than ever. Our 2010 retention rate was 48.9 percent, which is up from 27 percent in 2002, and which we believe is the highest in our industry.

We also have the greatest employees, who all come to work every day ready to support our Distributors because at Herbalife, it’s always “Distributors First.” As Mark always said, “Teamwork makes the dream work.”

So, thank you Team Herbalife for another amazing quarter, and let’s keep our incredible momentum going. We still have so much opportunity, so many to help and inspire to lead healthier, more successful, and fulfilled lives.

We’re just getting started!

Michael O. Johnson

Michael O. Johnson
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Herbalife® - Nutrition for a better life.

Monday, April 25, 2011


Hope you all had a blesses Easter.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Stamina & Energy

Stamina & Energy Pack


This plan contains targeted Herbalife sport nutrition products to help boost stamina and energy levels.

It works because it helps improve 2 key areas :

1. Circulation (Your 'fuel line')

Because it's not only what you eat,

but how it gets to your organs and muscles that counts.

Simply take Niteworks™ to help improve your circulation and blood flow

2. Fluid Intake

Because drinking water is not enough

When taking part in sport add a H3O Pro™ Isotonic drink sachet to your water to boost energy levels and slow down fatigue.

How to boost results...

If you are aiming to get better results. .

Then there are 2 easy changes you can make that will really help boost your performance by improving Stamina and Endurance

They work by focusing on your Circulation and Fluid Intake

1. Circulation

Because it's not only what you eat,

but also how it gets to your organs that counts.

The size and elasticity of your blood vessels affects the speed at which blood can get to your vital organs, including your heart.

So it affects how fast those essential nutrients and oxygen can get to your muscles, etc.

The quicker you can get fuel to your muscles & organs - the better your results will be.

In the same way as your car won't perform if the fuel line is to small...

.... You will get better results if your 'fuel line' (your blood vessels) is at its most efficient in getting fuel to your organs and muscles.

The science bit...

Scientists have found that Nitric Oxide is an important biological messenger that causes a cascade of benefits at the cellular level, which can improve circulatory, immune and nervous-system function.

Through vascular nutrition, you can increase the production of Nitric Oxide, which “exercises” or expands your vessels, increasing their youthful elasticity.

In addition, Nitric Oxide influences the functioning the functioning of virtually every organ in the body, including the lungs, liver, kidneys, stomach, brain and, of course, the heart.

Why Niteworks ?

Based on Nobel winning research Niteworks™ is a revolutionary dietary supplement containing an exclusive blend of amino acids L-Arginine and L-Citrulline with other ingredients that trigger the production of healthful Nitric Oxide.

Simply take in the evening before going to bed

View Niteworks mini booklet - how it all works

2. Fluid Intake

When water is not enough

Yes drinking enough water is important when playing sport - because even losing only 2% fluid loss can significantly affect your results.

But there are 2 other aspects to fluid loss :

1. Replace electrolytes to prevent cramp and tiredness

When you burn water in your muscles (and lose it through sweat) you will also be losing many other essential items

- for example sweating during exercise causes loss of essential electrolytes (or salts) such as sodium as well as potassium, calcium, magnesium and chloride.

The good news is that something as simple as replacing these electrolytes can aid rapid hydration and so help you avoid the negative effects of dehydration such as muscle cramps, fatigue and headaches.

2. Add carbohydrates to boost stamina

In the same way that adding electrolytes boost results so adding energizing carbohydrates will provide your body with immediate and sustained energy to prevent unwanted performance dips -keeping you at the top of your game!

Or adding energy releasing B-vitamins help improve absorption of essential nutrients which means that your body can react faster, helping to power your performance.

How does it work ?

To add electrolytes and energizing carbohydrates just add a sachet of H3O Pro™ Isotonic Drink to your water

(either during or before your workout) and it will help keep you hydrated whilst providing a supply of energy, electrolytes and antioxidants to help power an exceptional performance

"I have found H30 Pro to be fantastic during sport.

I competed in the London Triathlon in 2006 and found every time I took on water during the 10K run I got a very painful stitch that impaired my running. I felt too dehydrated to run without water so it was a catch 22 situation.

This year I took part in the London Triathlon again and to be honest had very little training prior to the event.

I had H30 Pro and Niteworks before my race and felt so strong and hydrated - I completed the entire 10K without having to stop at all for water and didn't get a single stitch.

I knocked over 5 minutes off my time and was thrilled with the results after taking the H30 Pro - it really made all the difference."

Carol - 5 minutes faster, a lot more comfortable

Did you know ?

..... Research carried out in 1976 showed that the average outfield football player covered 8 to 11 km in a match

(37% jogging, 20% running below top speed, 11% sprinting and 7% running backwards)

That is about the same distance as Carol ran in her Triathlon !

Stamina & Energy Pack

Contains everything to see a real difference in the next 4 weeks

In the pack you will get :

To help boost circulation and blood flow

Simply take in the evening before going to bed

Quenches thirst and replaces lost fluids. Essential electrolytes support cellular re-hydration.

Energizing carbs for immediate and sustained energy. Powerful antioxidants protect your body from fatigue and soreness.

Add to water before running

  • Support

Free help and support from your own Shapeworks Sports Nutrition Coach

  • Guarantee

All Herbalife products come with a no quibble 30 day money-back guarantee

From Seed to Feed

Do you want to make sure that you can trust Herbalife products?

Do you have questions about Herbalife products?

Do you also have these questions?

Are the ingredients are good for me?
Do Herbalife know where the ingredients come from?
Are all these ingredients on the label really in the product?

watch this clip:

is there doctors & nutritionists / research involved with the products???

is there doctors behind the products???

Did you know Herbalife products have gone through clinical trials, which have been published?

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colder weather................. nibbly?!................

Everybody has weak moments in their diet when they can practically taste the salty, sweet, crunchy, or fatty foods they crave. Yet these are often the very foods that undermine your efforts to maintain your weight. After all, when is the last time you complained about craving cauliflower?

Follow these strategies to STOP cravings in their tracks.

Eat a healthy breakfast. For some people, cravings are part of a cycle of blood sugar highs and lows that can be kicked off almost the moment their feet hit the floor in the morning.

A breakfast featuring a Herbalife HEALTHY MEAL is more likely to control this cycle. Consider trying one of our shake recipes for variety

Get enough sleep. Loss of sleep increases hunger during the day, which leads to cravings. Getting the right amount of shut-eye could stop cravings. (if you struggle to sleep try out Herbalife TANG KUEI)

Eat meals at scheduled times. The secret to stopping cravings is to manage hunger and “only eating at set times — space your meals and your snacks 2.5 to 3 hours apart

(stay fuller for longer with Herbalife FIBRE & HERB)..... and LOTS OF WATER WATER WATER WATER

great tip ... (SET YOUR ALARM ON YOUR CELL PHONE, let it repeat every day at a certain time)

Make the foods you crave difficult or impossible to get to. No matter how much you love brownies, if you don’t keep any at home or at work, chances are your craving will pass unsatisfied. Instead, make healthy alternatives easy to access in your eating plan and prepare ahead for those times when you’ll need a healthy snack within easy reach, like when you’re on the road.

(cant control the CRAVINGS?? Herbalife Thermo Complete)

Find healthy alternatives. If you tend to crave sweet treats in the afternoon, having an apple with some nuts can prevent a mad rush to the vending machine for a chocolate bar. A yummy Herbalife protein bar is a fantastic option as it still gives you that sweet taste.

Identify your craving triggers. Emotional eating is a real phenomenon. If you pay attention, you may find that your cravings are worse when you are stressed or depressed. Managing those situations will help stop cravings (are you over emotional and stressed out? Herbalife TANG KUEI)

Eat a varied diet. Sticking to the tried-and-true may help you count calories, but it could also leave you feeling unfulfilled. People need variety in their diets, so try all the recipes sent to you on a weekly basis. Just because you’re maintaining your weight doesn’t mean it can’t be satisfying.



Herbalife LIPOBOND


Herbalife FAST Facts:
v In business for 32 years (Started February 1980)
v Licensed & approved by the Medical Boards of 82 Countries
v US$ 4.2 Billion in turnover in 2010
v Listed on the New York Stock Exchange
v Nutrition Advisory Board of medical specialists who product development & research
v A Nobel Prize Winner for medicine on Product Development Board
v CEO (Michael O Johnson) was President of the Walt Disney Corporation
v In business in S.A. since 1995
v Currently sponsoring LA Galaxy (David Beckham), FC Barcelona (Lionel Messi)
v Energy drink sponsor for Inter Milan football club, Italy
v Herbalife is the fastest growing wellness & weight management co. in the world
Herbalife was born in 1980, when the founder, Mark Hughes, made it his mission to find a safe and effective way to assist people to control weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This passion arose due to Mark losing his mother when she had an accidental overdose of a combination of prescription dietary and sleeping tablets. She was 36 at the time, and Mark only 18. After attending an herbal symposium on Chinese Herbs, Mark went to D&F Industries to combine the ancient Eastern wisdom with Western technology.
Today Herbalife is a state of the art public trading company, headed up by a dream team of professionals. It listed on the New York Stock Exchange December 2005.
MICHAEL O. JOHNSON, joined Herbalife in 2004 as CEO. Johnson spent 17 years with the Walt Disney Corporation. Mr. Johnson most recently served as president of Walt Disney International. Johnson engineered the expansion of the Disney’s worldwide video presence from 34 markets in 1986 to more than 80 markets today.
DR. LOUIS IGNARRO, A NOBEL† LAUREATE IN MEDICINE. Dr. Ignarro was awarded the Nobel† Prize for Physiology of Medicine in 1998 for his research on nitric oxide. As a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Ignarro served as Professor of Pharmacology at Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans. Before teaching, he served as a scientist at CIBA-GEIGY. He has published many articles and received the Basic Research Prize of the American Heart Association for outstanding contributions to the advancement of cardiovascular science. He was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences the same year, and into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences the next.


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