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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Talking about good breakfast

What do you usually have for breakfast?
You may not feel hungry or thirsty in the morning, but it’s just a matter of time.
What are you giving your body in the morning:
• nothing?The result: the blood sugar level drops and you feel hungry, which makes you seek simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sweet coffee, sandwiches, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, soft drinks, juices, etc.) to satisfy your hunger and to raise your blood sugar level.
• a toast with jam and coffee with sugar / cereal?These are simple carbohydrates which when digested immediately turn into sugar. Your body wakes up in the morning and asks for vital nutrients and water, and you give it sugar instead.
By raising the blood sugar level, you force your pancreas to overproduce insulin. Insulin removes extra sugar from the blood and turns it into fat. As a results, blood sugar level drops, often below the level you woke up with. Now you are feeling hungry and weak as your brain lacks sugar. It’s a reason behind cravings. To overcome hunger, you again need simple carbohydrates (chocolate, sweets,coffee, sandwiches, sweets, cookies, doughnuts, soft drinks and juices, etc.) which again raise your blood sugar
level and free you of hunger and weakness. Each sugar “injection” is followed by the insulin surge.

This cycle repeats itself several times a day and you develop dependence on carbs. The excess of carbs makes the pancreas work at constant overload. It’s one of the most frequent reasons for developing diabetes.
Besides, excess blood sugar damages blood vessels. Excessive sugar will be again and again turned into extra fat.

All the above is the most common cause of extra weight, high blood pressure and diabetes. And it all begins with a bad breakfast.
Well, what is a good breakfast supposed to be?
It should meet four major criteria:
1. Restore the energy spent in the last 24 hours
2. Restore the building materials spent during the night
3. Replenish the water stock
4. Maintain the blood sugar level within the normal range and prevent insulin surge

Herbalife has developed a program of good breakfast which helps to solve many of the above problems:
1. Provides the body with all vital nutrients & water
2. Provides energy from proteins and not from carbohydrates
3. Doesn’t raise or drop blood sugar level, and this program helps to:
• cleanse the intestine

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