Thursday, October 4, 2012

Herbalife Results - Rafael Hoffman

HOLE EEEEE COW!!!!!! Rafael Hoffman lost 99 pounds with Herbalife. Look at that killer smile!!! OH, correction, he has lost 127# now!!!!

From Rafael: Hi guys, stopping by real quick to tell a bit of my story, since a kid I had always been an athlete, Judo, soccer, swimming, basketball, and at 16 I started working and pretty much forgot all about exercises, 15-18 hour work shifts and bad bad eating habits lead me to the max weight of 297, with very very low energy. At 22, at 297lbs, I had to decide, keep the habits or give myself a chance to try Herbalife. Probably the best choice I ever made, now, 4 yrs later, I feel super, I´ve dropped to 172lbs, regained all the energy back, and influenced all my close relatives to get on Herbalife. I love the products, If for some reason it turned out that we couldnt make any more money, i´d still try and get everyone i know on the products, they have trully changed my life.

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