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THERMOJETICS and the Scientific Nutritional program are the result of years of intensive research by Dr. Katzin and his medical and research team. The blend of medicinal herbs with modem micronutrient technology literally ‘kick starts’ the body toward optimum health while virtually getting rid of the effects of fatigue and stress. Congratulations on making the decision to lose weight and to maintain that weight loss! Starting with THERMOJETICS you are taking the first step in making major health style changes – weigh to go!!
THERMOJETICS is not recommended for children or pregnant women unless your physician approves.

 10:00A.M. and 3:00 P.M.
If you have a normal schedule of getting up around 7:00 A.M. and going to bed around 11:00 P.M., your body naturally starts “getting hungry” due to an increased saliva production around 10:00 A.M. and 3:00 P.M. By taking THERMOJETICS at these times, you will start noticing a defmite “dryness”in your mouth within an hour. This certainly aids in getting in more water! Through consistent use, you will start noticing that the hunger (the cravings that cause you to munch on high-caloric candy, chips, drinks, etc.’) is virtually non-existent!

Feel a Tremendous Increase ofEnergy
And yes, you really feel a tremendous increase In fact it works so well that people should not take ThERMOJETICS any later than 6:00 pm, if you expect to get good nights sleep! On the other hand if you know someone that works nights, have them take at 8:00 PM and 2:00 am They will not be tired that night! It is great for truck drivers and students who must study for exams the next day and need to stay awake!

Using Natural Herbal Ingredients is the Herbalife Approach to Fitness and Weight Control
 THERMOJETICS was designed to be the first all natural herbal based weight loss and energy program containing 21 herbs from China and the Amazon Rain Forest. It is 100% safe, 100% guaranteed, made from natural ingredients and Doctor recommended!

Here is an analogy. When you step on the acceleration of your car, two things happen:
1) Your engine speeds up
2) It bums more petrol to produce that extra energy
Each cell of your body is like a little chemical engine producing a tiny amount of energy. The medical term is called THERMOGENESIS. In simple terms, what THERMOJETICS does is naturally increase the energy production (a very tiny amount) of each individual cell in your body. That may not sound like much until you consider how many trillions of cells your body is made up of!
When your individual cell’s energy output is increased, these cells (just like your car’s engine) must use and burn the increased amount of fuel.

How does your body store excess fuel?
It’s called FAT! When the expenditure of energy exceeds the available supply of energy, the body converts fat into energy to make up the difference... the result: goodbye fat.

Feel More In Control!
THERMOJETICS is NOT A DIET! It is a totally new way of weight management designed to tip the energy balance in favour of body fat loss and is also designed to decrease your appetite so that you naturally start choosing foods that are healthy (low fat, low sugar, etc.). With THERMOJETICS you can feel more in control and can get the results you want.  Since Thermojetics will dramatically reduce your appetite, you will need to make sure that you eat throughout the day

Food Intake:
Every 3-4 hours you should have a low-fat, low-calorie snack (fruit, rice cakes, carrots, power bars etc.). The reason for this is; that after an extended period of time without food, the body is fooled into thinking that it is starving (hibernation). When your body thinks it is starving. it’s built-in defense system goes to work and starts STORING FAT instead of BURNING FAT. You should also have at LEAST one well-balanced healthy meal each day.
If you are used to having business lunches, try having your meal replacement drink for your evening meal. Remember, Thermojetics burns fat, so if you eat a lot of fatty foods, it will burn the fat you’re eating before it will burn your BODY fat! If you want to treat yourself to a high fat meat once in a while be sure to take Lipobond. Six Lpobond tablets each day will block 25% of the fat of 1000 calories from entering the small intestines.
Lipobond, known as the "cheaters delight’ if taken on a regular basis, aids with constipation as well. You should have a daily intake of 25 to 35 grams of dietary fibres - this is a whole lot more than your token piece of fruit and a small vegetable serving’ Eating lots of vegetables will speed up your weight loss. The cheapest food (such as potatoes, carrots, rice and dried beans) are often the most healthful. Likewise the cheapest drink is the most healthy - water.

 THERMOJETICS helps to increase your energy level and control hunger. It contains herbs that will increase your metabolism and safely control your appetite.
Take a cup at 10:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. because these are the problem times for dieters. Some people may need to take more than 1 cup to feel results because their metabolism is different. If this is your case, you can increase your dose as it suits you. It is OK to take as many as 10 cups in one day! Those with a history of poor dietary habits, those who are continually under stress, those who use alcohol or cigarettes, and those using certain medications have a damaged ability to absorb nutrition in their food and the herbs in their THERMOJETICS. For these people it is especially important to add Balanced Nutrition Protein Drink and the Fibre and Herb Tablets to your programme to begin to stimulate the production of healthy cells, to cleanse the body and allow it to rebuild.

Adjusting Dosage:
*Feeling light-headedness: This is because you have stopped eating three meals a day, and/or have low blood sugar. Always remember to eat three meals a day (or use a meal replacement shake) and drink plenty of water.
*Feeling too much energy or jittery or losing weight too fast: Reduce dosage to 1 cup twice a day, and take it with meals. After about one week your body should adapt to the product and you can increase gradually back up to your desired dosage.
*If you experience headaches, sleeplessness, or fatigue: Make sure you have not skipped any meals. Skimping on meals or skipping meals will give you low blood sugar and headaches. A small percentage of people trying THERMOJETICS for the first time may experience headaches. If this happens, drink more water. Whenever you go on a weight-loss programme, there will be some detoxification. Be sure there is plenty of fibre and water in your diet. Toxins get stored in body fat. As your body fat is released into the bloodstream and burned for energy, the toxins are released too. These toxins need to be flushed out of the system. Be sure to drink lots of water. While you are “de-toxifying” you could feel tired, but Thermojetics sorts this out.
lf you’ve hit a plateau or want to accelerate your progress: Increase the number of cups you drink!
 Call me ifyou have any questions. If you are serious about losing weight. Thermojetics works, when used properly Your goal is to get your appetite under control, increase your energy, and cut back on fat intake!

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