Friday, January 8, 2016

Friday info. 21? or 99?

Friday’s here

And that means rest, relaxation and TEMPTATION to stray from our healthy, active lifestyle!

Stick to your ONE great tasting #Herbalife shake a day (get started with breakfast) – no matter what? And try to cheat as little as possible
(we know you are going to cheat anyway? – We all do!)

 Just try to cut back on the ‘’bad’’ foods as we discussed on your ‘’Getting Started day’’, and think healthy colorful foods & protein (with loads of Herbalife Aloe & tea!)

As you go into the weekend – keep thinking of YOUR METABOLIC AGE We want you to be in the best shape of your life… which means that your body health is actually younger than your physical age.

So…. Do your best to eat clean, get some exercise and keep taking your Herbalife products to support great nutrition and everything your body needs to perform at its peak!

1 or 2 Shakes a day, loads of aloe & herbal tea…. That’s the key to an awesome new you!

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