Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Herbalife FAST Facts:
v In business for 32 years (Started February 1980)
v Licensed & approved by the Medical Boards of 82 Countries
v US$ 4.2 Billion in turnover in 2010
v Listed on the New York Stock Exchange
v Nutrition Advisory Board of medical specialists who product development & research
v A Nobel Prize Winner for medicine on Product Development Board
v CEO (Michael O Johnson) was President of the Walt Disney Corporation
v In business in S.A. since 1995
v Currently sponsoring LA Galaxy (David Beckham), FC Barcelona (Lionel Messi)
v Energy drink sponsor for Inter Milan football club, Italy
v Herbalife is the fastest growing wellness & weight management co. in the world
Herbalife was born in 1980, when the founder, Mark Hughes, made it his mission to find a safe and effective way to assist people to control weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. This passion arose due to Mark losing his mother when she had an accidental overdose of a combination of prescription dietary and sleeping tablets. She was 36 at the time, and Mark only 18. After attending an herbal symposium on Chinese Herbs, Mark went to D&F Industries to combine the ancient Eastern wisdom with Western technology.
Today Herbalife is a state of the art public trading company, headed up by a dream team of professionals. It listed on the New York Stock Exchange December 2005.
MICHAEL O. JOHNSON, joined Herbalife in 2004 as CEO. Johnson spent 17 years with the Walt Disney Corporation. Mr. Johnson most recently served as president of Walt Disney International. Johnson engineered the expansion of the Disney’s worldwide video presence from 34 markets in 1986 to more than 80 markets today.
DR. LOUIS IGNARRO, A NOBEL† LAUREATE IN MEDICINE. Dr. Ignarro was awarded the Nobel† Prize for Physiology of Medicine in 1998 for his research on nitric oxide. As a distinguished Professor of Pharmacology, UCLA School of Medicine, Dr. Ignarro served as Professor of Pharmacology at Tulane University School of Medicine, New Orleans. Before teaching, he served as a scientist at CIBA-GEIGY. He has published many articles and received the Basic Research Prize of the American Heart Association for outstanding contributions to the advancement of cardiovascular science. He was inducted into the National Academy of Sciences the same year, and into the American Academy of Arts and Sciences the next.

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